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kyle + gina '20

" good times &

tan lines! "




Heyyyyy girl!! First off, welcome to Gina's bachelorette party website. You're here because you're a very important person in Gina's & Kyles' lives! They couldn't kick off this wedding celebration without you!

I created this website as a way for you to access all of the important planning info for Gina's bachelorette party. This is where you'll find important dates, locations and learn allll about the other bridesmaids. There's a lot of us, so trust me, this will be helpful.

If at any time you need more info from me, always feel free to text me at 419-515-1047.

I can't wait to celebrate Gina with you!!

Sam (Gina's oldest sister + moh)


before we get started ...

Before I can put all of the important info on this website, I need to know a few deets from you. If you could please fill out the questions below, I will be so so so grateful!
Which weekend date(s) in 2023 work best for you for Gina's bachelorette party?
*** Gina's prefered weekend
What is your budget for the weekend?
*** FYI there are 10 of us, so we won't be spending anything crazy! I would just like to know an overall budget for hotel/decorations/drinks/snacks, etc.
What is your shirt size?

thank you so much!

more to come soon!