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Ohio Branding Session at Zurie Studio | Familiar Folk


Back in June of 2021, I was honored to photograph Taylor of Familiar Folk, for my first ever personal brand photo session. We chose Zurie Studio as the session location, because of its white walls and blank slate. Taylor's personality and vintage goods collection are both very colorful, so I wanted to ensure that she (and they) stood out.

If you don't already know Taylor, she is the owner/curator of Familiar Folk, which is a shop within The Little Light Collective in Columbus, Ohio. Taylor's shop is full of hand-picked goods for you and your home. Her collection is stunning and so unique.

I've been lucky enough to purchase several of Taylor's items, from blankets to little trinkets. The curated pieces are each so special in their own way and each tell a story that is sure to put a smile on your face. If/when you're ever in the Columbus area, I highly recommend checking out Taylor's shop in The Little Light Collective.

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SESSION LOCATION | Zurie   PHOTOGRAPHY & EDITING | Sam Keefe Creative  DIGITAL PRESETS Anni Graham - Yosemite Pack

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"Sam made me feel like an influencer."

- Taylor Swygart

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