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Are your brand & website helping you reach your goals?

If the answer is "ugh nope", then your business deserves so much more.

Envision your ideal client viewing your website and turning from just a reader to an actual lead ...

You just need to capture their attention (and intrigue) within the first 5 seconds and prove to them that you can solve their problem.

Has this been you lately?

Doing everything in your power to stand out in a saturated market ...

Spending hours marketing on social media, only to never be seen ...

Feeling ashamed to send people to your website because it doesn't reflect your brand, or your audiences' desires ...

If you just screamed "yessss!"

(let me first congratulate you on all of the hard work you've put in)

keep scrolling - I can help you.

I know what you're thinking ...

"but how?"


Strategic brand & website design

Strategic + custom branding and website designs that visually align with your voice, mission and values to attract your ideal clients, in turn helping you reach those big business goals.


 Because even if you're reworking an existing brand and website, or starting from scratch, there's no better way to reach and connect with your audience (and gain their trust!) than with a visual identity that is a true reflection of you.

Here's just a sample of what a strategic brand design can provide you:

Clients you actually want to work with

No more dealing with red flag clients. Your brand will be so aligned with you and your ideal audience that the people that aren't meant for you will immediately know it.

Confidence in your product or service

You've always believed in yourself and what you have to offer or else you wouldn't be here. But now you'll actually be convincing other people and making an income. There's nothing more confidence-boosting than that.

But people actually have to make it to your website first ...

That's why included with your custom website design, you will have three ways to attract your ideal customers.

SEO set-up

Become Google's BFF with SEO site optimization. Get ready to show up in search results and level-up to your competition.

Email marketing capabilities

WiX offers on-brand email marketing (free with your premium account!) to get more people on your email list using newsletters, lead magnets and so much more.


Post fresh content strategically and get more eyes on your site. Plus provide value to your audience and boost your SEO.


"Sam allowed me to collaborate on the project by asking for my input and took my thoughts into consideration. It truly made me feel like I got a real say in the final outcome of what my website would look like!"

- Megan Phillips; Megan Phillips Co.

The details



Reaching your goals, of course!


+ Discovery Call

+ Onboarding

+ Brand Foundation

+ Brand & Web Presentation

+ Launch


+ 1 customized display font from Creative Market

+ 2 supporting fonts (free)

+ Mood board

+ Brand presentation (one-concept method)

+ Color palette & HEX codes

+ Primary  & secondary logos, brand &/or letter mark logos

+ SVG & PNG copies of each

+ Brand guidelines PDF


+ Brand awareness (brand mission & values, etc.)

*Don't worry, I'll provide you with the brand strategy to solve this!

+ Brand photography

+ Premium WiX account


+ Estimated timeline from 'inquiry to launch' is 8 to 10 weeks.


+ Investment starting at $3,000

Design process

+ I am so thrilled that you are considering me for your brand & web design needs! The first step is to fill out the inquiry form.


+ After I receive your inquiry, we will schedule an hour long discovery call. This call is to help me learn more about you, your business and all of the details of your project. From there we will continue the onboarding process, which includes a proposal, contracts and strategy call.


+ The extra-fun part! This is the part of the project where I begin your brand and web design. I will present you with one design mock-up for approval. Your feedback is always considered. 


+ Once everything is complete and approved on your end, I will email you the final collateral in a Google drive. You will also receive a brand guidelines pdf for consistent branding for all of your business content needs.


“What I will remember most about my experience with Sam is how accommodating and dedicated to nailing the project she was, and the amazing communication every step of the way.” 

- Ashlie Layland; Layland Photography

Hey! I'm Sam.

A fire-wife, mom of two, lover of houseplants & oreos,

and your sanity-saving design guru.

Most mornings you can find me sippin' on a spiced brown sugar latte, rocking leggings and a messy bun, chasing after my son and daughter. But in the in-between, that's when I serve entrepreneurs like you - the ones who are working hard living out their dreams.

Take a deep breath, I'm here to help you not only determine who you deserve to work with (because yes, you are worthy of working with clients who appreciate the value you bring), but also helping you show up online + on-brand, so those clients can actually find you.

What is included in the brand & web design?

Reaching your goals, of course!


+ Discovery Call


Brand Foundation

+ Brand & Web Presentation

+ Launch


+ 1 customized display font from Creative Market

+ 2 supporting fonts (free)

+ Mood board

+ Brand presentation (one-concept method)

+ Color palette & HEX codes

+ Primary  & secondary logos, brand &/or letter mark logos

+ SVG & PNG copies of each

+ Brand guidelines PDF

How do I make payments?

+ Invoices are paid via Honeybook

*A 25% non-refundable retainer is due prior to the start of the project

Are payment plans offered?

+ Yes! After your retainer is paid payments can be broken up into 3 monthly payments, if needed.

Do I get a refund if I decide to cancel the project?

+ The initial retainer is non-refundable, however if you are not happy with your project and we cannot come to a mutual agreement prior to transfer, you will be refunded for the completed portions. Once your brand transfer has been complete, however, refunds will no longer be offered.

Have other questions? Email me at

Let's get your brand & website created!
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