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4 breathtaking examples of themed photo sessions


4 breathtaking examples of themed photo sessions

In the photography world, a themed photo session is one that is staged in a way that follows a designated concept, either created by the photographer or the individual being photographed. It's an excellent way to inspire creativity and tell an overarching story.  Concepts that come to mind that are currently popular include flowy + colorful dresses in exotic locations, pizza dates between two lovers on a rooftop, or holiday celebrations like those for valentine's day or new years. The possibilities are literally endless.


The thought of being part of a themed session can seem daunting at first; having to choose a storyline, location, outfits, and all of the other logistics that normally go in to a photo shoot, such as client communication + experience, booking, editing and gallery delivery. However, the effort is definitely worth the reward for such stunning artwork.


To give you an idea of just how breathtaking and moving themed sessions can be, here are five examples to stir up those creative juices:


1. Photo by michael_betznerphotography - tells the story of a tragic plane crash in North Carolina; loss, and the beauty of keeping memories alive through art.


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2. Photo by: liza_lit - tells the story of an intimate elopement. One with a mood of elegance and new years celebrations.


Photo Credit: liza_lit

3. Photo by: Sarah Ching Photography - A themed + styled session in celebration of self-love on Valentine's Day.


And lastly, an epic shot that I think many can relate to and easily recreate in their own way …

4. Photo by: Molly Grunewald - A themed engagement session featuring a love of Target and junk food. Yes, it really can be that simple!


Photo by: Molly Grunewald

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